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See here the advantages of buying luxury handbags direct from the supplier

Have you ever stopped to think about where the products you consume come from? Nowadays, we have easy access to products manufactured in different parts of the world, and many times, we do not even stop to ask ourselves where that item comes from or how that item was produced. Contrary to this process of globalization of industry and consumption, there are companies that manufacture their own products and bet on the strength of the local market. We see a multitude of advantages in this, and we list in this post what they are.

Speed of delivery

You have probably been in a situation where you bought a product and had to wait weeks to receive it. However, when you buy direct from the factory, in local stores mainly, the chances of receiving your product are higher. This is because stores with their own manufacture have a more direct and effective communication channel with their production and stock, which allows for less information traffic and, consequently, a more agile service. 

Personalized service

Customer service is another of the differentials of the stores with their own manufacturing. In them, contact with customers is built more closely, so you have the opportunity to resolve your doubts by getting quick answers ask for discounts on purchases and even request personalized products. For more details, click here

Buy wholesale and fair price

You also have the opportunity to negotiate prices and delivery times, whether after buying in bulk or after purchasing two or three pieces. With the combination of all these points, the final price of your product becomes fairer and more accessible as no additional costs are added, only the costs with intermediaries. Moreover, to complete the list of advantages, you still strengthen the local economy, making your money stay in your country, besides contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Leather bags are timeless

An important thing to take into account before deciding on leather or regular bags, as we said above, is durability. Leather bags last far longer. In addition, what does that mean in practice? It means you will have a wonderful option to match every time. The look of your dreams depends much more on your creativity than buying new pieces each season.

In short: it is up to you to recombine and reinvent yourself. Nevertheless, keep one thing in mind right now: leather bags, unlike regular bags, last several years, which is a big plus for their value for money.

They are not just winter items

For most people, the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about leather is autumn-winter fashion. Of course, leather is a strong trend this season. However, this material has been used in the four seasons for a long time, without losing its characteristics of nobility and refinement. At this point, leather bags are the best when it comes to versatility.

Since we are talking about versatility, another great asset of leather bags is that unisex models are not silly. They can be serious and casual in just the right amount, adding a lot of personality to your look and going well with everything.

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