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RARE – Watch this Interview with Conor McGregor aged just 19

By Jonathan Byrne / March 9, 2017

At just 4-1 as a pro, McGregor gave one of his first interviews back in 2008. Conor McGregor is known worldwide for his trash talk. His quotes from interviews and press conferences have been memorable to fans across the globe. Before his rise to UFC stardom, McGregor was a humble Irish kid trying to make […]


14 of the Hottest Female Fitness Models

By The Fighter Lifestyle Admin / February 24, 2017

Admit it, your Instagram feed is full of hot girls, cars and stuff you dream about. I know because, well… mine is the same. That led me to putting together this list of the 14 Hottest Female Fitness Models. It’s not in any particular order, but if you leave a comment below to see who your […]


Georges St-Pierre’s Workout: GSP Reveals His Training Routines Diet, Mindset and More

By The Fighter Lifestyle Admin / February 1, 2017

GEORGES ST-PIERRE’S WORKOUT Georges St-Pierre says he’s at his best when he’s under pressure.   And with his impending fight against Matt Serra for the Welterweight Championship, which will be their second matchup (and the most highly anticipated on top of it). Find out how Georges St-Pierre’s workout uses a variety of techniques and tactics […]