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How to Get Your Hair Healthy in Winter

Winter can be very tough on your hair. The outside air is colder while the air inside your home is dry. Every day you’ve got to deal with static, harsh chemicals, and hair.

However, don’t despair because it is possible to protect your hair. All it takes is a little extra TLC. Everyone’s hair types are different but it’s equally important to treat your hair gently.

Brush Your Hair Gently

You should take it easy in winter when it comes to brushing your hair. This is all the more important if your hair is wet at this is when it’s most fragile.

For regular brushing, use a wide-tooth brush with smooth-coated prongs that are spaced wide apart.

Air Dry Your Hair

Air drying your hair is best because it uses less heat. Whenever possible, skip the styling tools.

Color and Bleaching Are Bad

Bleaching, lifting, or lightening your hair is not good for your hair. It penetrates the hair stands, breaks down fatty acids and proteins, and removes the pigment in your hair. Your hair takes a long time to recover from this, especially in the winter when your hair is much drier.

However, some color treatments are better than others so make sure you do your research.

Style Trends to Avoid in Winter

There are some style trends that don’t lend themselves well to the winter. Putting it up in a bun, for example, may look very stylish. However, if you’re using a rubber band, it’s bound to lead to breakage.

If you want to try a bun or braid style, twist the hair strands gently, and don’t braid or tie up your hair too tight.

How to Fight Winter Static

Static is caused when moisture can’t penetrate your hair strands. It’s a problem in the winter because your hair is much drier. The best way to deal with static is to keep your hair moisturised.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair in Winter?

The answer depends on how much oil your scalp produces. Oily hair may need to be washed daily, however, you can wash chemically-treated hair less frequently.

A Healthy Diet is Essential

What you eat plays a vital role in the health of your hair. You should get all the nutrients you need from healthy foods in a balanced diet. Add a good multivitamin if you need to replenish some of the nutrients that you’re lacking.

One final tip is to keep your stress levels low. There’s a lot of stress that comes with the winter weather which can have an effect on your hair.

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