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Will CM Punk live by his moniker?

I don’t want take the thunder of the main event but there is one fight in the undercard that many WWE fans/haters and UFC aficionados who are looking forward for the fight between Mickey Gall and debutant CM Punk or Phil Brooks in real life.


CM Punk created a lot of noise when he jumped ship to UFC. Negative write ups about CM Punk poured in saying UFC is no WWE that CM Punk has no business to be in the Octagon et al. All the props go to CM Punk for making the transition from scripted to real life combat sport. So many questions are to be answered once CM Punk enters the Octagon.

Is CM Punk dead serious or is it just another publicity stunt to get his act back to WWE?

Brock has a good run. Will CM Punk do the same and run havoc in the middleweight division? At this stage of his career, is MMA the right choice?

After UFC’s announcement of signing CM Punk, little are heard of about him. He might be killing himself in training and how can you blame a guy who others might consider is already in the twilight of his career and who doesn’t even have an amateur grappling background.

Now, here’s a young man named Mickey Gall. He has two professional fights and won both by submission. Is he the perfect opponent for CM Punk? In my honest opinion, Gall is no patsy. If hell breaks loose, he can put CM Punk to sleep.

Mickey Gall is in a win-win position. He has everything working for him. He is younger than CM Punk. He will be riding in a big publicity making his name known to casual MMA viewers. If he loses, most people can just say he is still young, needs more fight to establish himself as an MMA fighter.

CM Punk is in a make or break situation. If he wins, people can just say he was given a young green horn fighter. If he loses badly, will he be the same man again given that this will be his first real professional combat competition? Have you seen him in his press conference? He looks so thin and pale. By the mere look, anyone can easily ask himself, does he even has a slim chance in this fight?

One fight can change a man. Remember Pacquiao vs Hatton? After that devastating knockout, the hitman was never the same again. It was a horrible scene to watch and afterwards, Hatton contemplates retirement. Same goes with Anderson Silva. After that freak bone breaking incident, the spider was never the same again when he stepped back in the octagon.

I have high respect for CM Punk by making this transition in his late fighting career. If he wins, it will be good for business for a while. I really can’t see CM Punk running for Belt contention in the near future as UFC middleweight fighters are beasts.

Let’s just enjoy and see what CM Punk has to offer and hope to see an exciting fight. And lastly, would you like him use his entrance song in his WWE days? I personally would as it really sounds bad ass.

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