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UFC Fighter Saves Robbery by Knocking Out Thief

By Jonathan Byrne / March 16, 2017

Makwan Amirkhani should have his own TV series after this. 

Finland is home to UFC Fighter Makwan Amirkhani. The UFC Featherweight is 3-0 inside the promotion and fights at UFC London this weekend. Two weeks out from a fight you’d expect a fighter to be eating healthy, maybe cutting weight or planning tactics for the fight. In his home country of Finland however, Makwan found himself in a rather unusual scenario. He was driving to a friends house that was being robbed.

“Last week, we were grilling food with my family. Suddenly, my brother’s wife got a call and said ‘run to our friends house. They have a kid inside of the house. There’s two grown men robbing the house. [The Kid] is hiding in a closet, [The Men] have a knife.’ We were like ‘oh shit’ the house was like 1 mile away. We said if they find this kid and they see his face, they will probably do something bad to him.”

Without hesitation, Makwan and his brother went to confront the thieves.

“So we went there, and we went to the back door. They saw that we were coming to the house so they ran out from the house. All I see is two guys, look like Russians, hitting my brother. I thought the other guy had a knife. I thought they were stabbing my brother. I said ‘Fuck, I don’t care. They can stab me too but I’m gonna have my brother.'”

Makwan said that one thief got away but he managed to confront the other. The other was holding the weapon that he thought was a knife at the time.

“They stabbed my neck but it wasn’t a knife, it was something to open a door. Then when I realised that  this guy didn’t have a knife I said ‘he is going to die now.’ All I needed was one punch and this guy was lying on the snow.”

After what was a traumatic series of events, Makwan and his family still managed to find the humour in it all.

“Then it was all over the news and I took one selfie and put it on my Facebook. My cousin, he ran there with a baseball bat and he said ‘oh, its over. its a good warm-up for London.'”

Makwan Robbery

So let that be a lesson. Never rob a house. You never know how far away a UFC fighter is!



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