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What Is UFC Fight Night?

ufc fight night

If you are on this page right now, you asked the question “What Is UFC Fight Night?” and are trying to find an answer.

The good news is that you are not alone. There are a lot of people who ask the very same question when they first learn about and start watching UFC and MMA fights.

What Is UFC Fight Night?

Numbered events (such as UFC 200, UFC 205,etc) will have the main card on PPV, with prelims on Fox Sports 1, and early prelims on UFC’s streaming service Fight Pass. These days numbered events are usually headlined by a title fight, with the co-main event sometimes also being a title fight.

Some of the most recent exceptions were the non-title event of Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz in UFC 196, where Conor was Featherweight Champion, but the fight wasn’t at the welterweight weight so the belt wasn’t on the line.

Also, at UFC 183, it was Anderson Silva fighting Nick Diaz with the headline fight without it being a title fight.

Fight Nights

Fight Night events are the events that happen on Fox Sports One. These are commentated on by the B team, Florian and Anek. Usually these cards are not as ‘strong’ (have less highly ranked fighters) than PPV’s. This applies to all non-PPV events.

Fight Night cards first air prelims on Facebook and Youtube [Actually now UFC Fight Pass], then on the Fox Sports One Channel. In the UK every UFC card is on BT sports.

[UFC on] Fox cards

Similar to Fight Night cards, UFC on Fox cards often feature the weight classes or champions that the UFC wishes to drum up interest in – particularly the lower weight classes. As the title of the events would suggest, they are aired on FOX in the USA

Per the UFC’s broadcast deal with Fox, they have a certain number of cards that air for free on Fox. In addition to being slightly less high profile cards, the pace is slower so that there can be commercial breaks to cover the fights being free. Also as a bit of trivia, there are also rumors that any blood on the canvas is painted over between fights to make the event a little more family friendly.

TUF [The Ultimate Fighter] finale

TUF finales happen at the end of a season of The Ultimate Fighter, the UFC’S reality series. These cards consist of a main event of well known fighters, and then the rest of the card will have fighters from TUF and the co-main will be between the last two contestants, fighting to be the TUF winner.

TUF cards are usually on Fox Sports One.

There are also occasionally Fight Pass exclusive cards. These have been getting increasingly high profile as the UFC has started pushing Fight Pass, with the Silva vs Bisping fight and Rafael Dos Anjos vs Eddie Alvarez title fight being two notable Fight Pass exclusive events.

Hope that helps!

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