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UFC 209 weigh-in video

UFC 209 weigh-in video

Here’s what some of the top YouTube comments have said:

You can not forgive Khabib for that. All that talk, all that drama, all that whining about McGregor, all his Fans sucking his dick. Gosh that dude is a motherfucker, I think Tony deserves the next shot, nobody should wit for that fucking bluff Khabib. He’s a fucking letdown and can’t be trusted. Back into the Prelims, you fucking cunt.

The only thing that can make up for Khabib being pulled is if Tyron gets knocked the fuck out. In or out of the fight…

Just give Ferguson a title fight against McGregor. Khabib can suck a fat one.

Enjoy the show “The Chosen Couple” starring me and Wonderboy this Saturday. Plz tune in and of course thanks to you guys and especially Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Clearly people are very upset about it.

What are your thoughts?

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