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UFC 203 Results: Jimmie Rivera defeats Urijah Faber

A bantamweight scrap between Urijah Faber (33-10 MMA) and Jimmie Rivera (20-1 MMA) took place on tonight’s UFC 203 main card in Cleveland, Ohio.


Round one began strong for Faber. However it was Rivera who pulled out the win tonight in Cleveland.

Round one begins and Faber starts things off with a leg kick. He comes in with another but Rivera catches it. Urijah shoots in but Jimmie defends the takedown attempt. Rivera with a nice low kick. Faber is very light on his feet. He lands a front kick to the body of Rivera. Jimmie replies with a leg kick. Faber comes forward and lands a knee. He moves away as Jimmie misses with a wild right. Faber lands a leg kick. Jimmie looks like he is waiting to unload with something. He circles away from Urijah. Faber comes inside and both men connects with short punches. Faber misses with a high kick and Jimmie lands a nice leg kick. Rivera with a left hand that connects. He lands another solid leg kick and then another. Faber presses forward but round one comes to an end before he can connect with any more strikes.


Round two begins and Faber misses with a high kick. Jimmie fires back and lands a powerful leg kick. Faber with an inside leg kick but he catches Jimmie in the groin. The referee steps in and gives Jimmie some time to recover. Faber receives a warning for the kick. We restart and Rivera lands a nice left hand. Faber fires back with a nice leg kick. Rivera lands a nice combination but Faber catches him with a good body shot. Another counter left hand scores for Rivera. Jimmie lands a hard leg kick that drops Faber to one knee. Rivera with a crisp right hand that lands flush on Faber’s chin. He lands another hard leg kick. Faber is limping now. Another brutal leg kick from Rivera. Faber presses forward but misses with his punches. Another powerful leg kick connects for Jimmie. Faber pushes forward and lands a kick to the body of Jimmie. Rivera scores with a counter left hand. He is catching Urijah coming in now. Jimmie lands another brutal leg kick. Faber winced after that one. Round two comes to an end.

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