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This Tornado Kick KO Most Outrageous you’ll Ever See

Muay Thai brawler Jonathan Tuhu wrote his name in the history books with a tornado kick that sent his much-larger rival crashing to the mat.  It came during the fifth round after the Papua New Guinean landed a few clean shots on his gangly opponent, before setting up the audacious finish.

Throwing a head kick deliberately short, the stocky fighter sets up the tornado kick perfectly, springing into the air with his momentum to land a crushing blow flush into his opponent’s temple.

The blow knocks the unnamed fighter out cold on his feet as he slumps against the ropes before slamming face-first into the canvas.  Almost 1.7 million people have seen the clip since it was uploaded to YouTube, with users on social media site Reddit recirculating the footage again in recent weeks.

“That’s a K.O. that probably wiped the past week from his memory,” wrote one viewer.

Here’s the clip, with the ridiculous kick at the end of the 2 minutes.

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