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Ronda Rousey May Still Return? Her Latest Instagram Post

Ronda Rousey’s future still remains a mystery after the fighter’s latest Instagram post suggests she is still on a sort of spiritual journey.  Rousey’s first knockout loss to Holly Holm in 2015 sent her into a deep depression, but Ronda’s second loss seems to have awakened another side of her — the philosophical side.


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Ronda has been media silent since her loss to Amanda Nunes in December.  Many have questioned if Rousey will ever fight again after her shocking 48-second knockout loss to Nunes.  And several within the UFC have speculated that Ronda is probably done.

During the press conference following UFC 207, Amanda Nunes suggested that Rousey step away from the sport.  She stated that Ronda was getting older and had already made a lot of money.  There was no need for her to keep jeopardizing her physical health as Rousey had already achieved so much.  Ronda’s mother has also been very vocal about her hope that Rousey would move on to something less strenuous.

However, Rousey hasn’t seemed to have made a definitive decision one way or the other.  Even after her post that she was going to use that loss to Nunes as a means of building herself from the ground up.

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Surprisingly enough, one person rooting for Ronda to return is former UFC bantamweight champion Holly Holm.  Holm was the first one to ever beat Ronda Rousey.  She took the title from her in a shocking second-round knockout.  According to Rolling Stone, Holm thinks Ronda is like many other fighters who consider retirement but ultimately miss the competition so much they return.

“Ronda might be done, but she really accomplished a lot. She might feel like, ‘You know what: I did a lot in the sport, I’m a legend in the sport. I can hang up my gloves.’ She might think that and say she’s retired, but then in two years she might think, ‘I’ve had enough of this other life. Fighting is what I want to do again.’ It’s a thin line. I’ve seen fighters retire multiple times,” Holm told Rolling Stone.

As of now, no one knows what Ronda Rousey plans to do.  However, UFC President Dana White said that he’s willing to support “Rowdy” whatever she plans to do in the future.

“She knows what she wants and doesn’t want. If she calls me today and says, ‘I’m done. I’m gonna wrap it and call it a career’ I’m gonna be like, ‘Awesome. That’s amazing. We’ll plan something.’ And if she calls me and says, ‘I want three more fights,’ she’s got it. She’ll make that decision on her own.”

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