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The Rock Is Ready To Bulk Up For Furious 8

We’ve seen this before. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a master dieter and, in a striking resemblance to the way Arnold bulked up for his already impressive physique to star in Conan (1982), The Rock is ready to restore his peak Hollywood build. Before the hype from the upcoming season of Ballers subsided, Johnson announced on Instagram that he’s already begun to prep his body for Fast & Furious 8.


Fun transition begins. Final weeks of shooting #BAYWATCH, and today I start my prep for #FastAndFurious8 which I start shooting in 4 weeks. Physically for #BAYWATCH I wanted “Mitch Buchannon” to come in lean, mean and a dysfunctional superhero of the beach. And full of raunchy Rated R humor. Mission accomplished. For FAST8, the character of “Hobbs” will come in like an animal – bigger, lethal, meaner and tougher than a $2 dollar steak. 530am breakfast. Grass fed buffalo, whole eggs and 80grams of Cream of Wheat. (trust me, if I could cook up Vin, Statham and the rest of the Fast dudes I’d eat them too). This is gonna fun. #FF8Prep #HobbsTheBeast #FinelyTuned #2DollarSteakSucksButEadible #INeedACheatMeal

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We have a good idea of what kind of work The Iron Palace (Johnson’s gym) will see in the upcoming weeks. The Rock already shared his mass-building workout formula when he started prepping for Hercules a couple years ago. You know what they say: if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

#teamhercules #shoulderworkout #bodybuilding #weightlifting #dwaynejohnson #therock

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#teamhercules #dwaynejohnson #weightlifting #bodybuilding #backworkout #therock

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Done this workout today ? absolutely shattered. Gonna be sore in the morning ! @therock is an absolute animal ! #therock #teamhercules #sore #fitfam #weights

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