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New Muscle Builder Hits the Shelves


(Boston) – If you’ve been to GNC, you’ve probably seen it. In between the rows of powders and pills, there’s a secure plexiglass ‘safe,’ with only a few boxes locked inside. Out of the tens of thousands of products sold by the nutrition giant, one muscle-building supplement, called AntlerX, sits locked away and out of reach. There must be a reason?

And here’s something else that’s puzzling. Because we all like to touch and feel what we buy, you would think AntlerX sales might be few and far between. Surprisingly, even though it’s out of immediate reach, AntlerX has turned into one of GNC’s most promising products in a very short time. People obviously want what’s behind the glass.

Why Does AntlerX Need Special Protection?

“It’s human nature,” says the Chief Marketing Officer of Force Factor. “People tend to crave what works and what’s in high demand,” he explained. “That’s why AntlerX is kept apart from the rest of the pack. And even though we regret that customers don’t have hands-on access, in an odd way I guess we should be flattered. AntlerX has such a cult-like reputation, particularly among serious athletes, that some guys can’t keep their hands off of it.”

AntlerX is a different breed… a vein-annihilating formula that’s way beyond single-action nitric oxide boosters. It starts with high quality L-citrulline (not the cheaper, weaker malate form) for an explosive NOx boost. Then adds a highly concentrated creatine HCL for superior micro-dosing and amazing strength. Finally, there’s agmatine to tie it all together into one very smart, very serious muscle– building powerhouse.

Within a short amount of time, men who had taken AntlerX reported feeling:

  • Amplified energy and long-lasting pumps
  • Incredible muscle gains
  • Drastic increases in strength
  • Faster recovery
  • Total body transformation

The makers of AntlerX are so confident in their new product they are offering every man in the country a risk-free sample. If you’re interested in giving it a shot, claim a sample here. If you are not able to find a bottle online, you may be able to find AntlerX at your local GNC…. but under lock and key.

P.S. You don’t have to steal a bottle to try AntlerX. Just get a risk-free sample and see for yourself what all the buzz is about.




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