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Many believe Bellator 170 main event Fixed!

MMA fighters Tito Ortiz and Chael Sonnen are at the center of a fight fix storm after their Bellator 170 fight.

The two came head-to-head for Bellator 170 at The Forum in Inglewood, California  January 21.

Ortiz dominated the match with Sonnen only showing rare flashes of promise before he was forced down into submission with a rear-naked choke hold only two minutes into the fight.

The referee declared submission and raised Ortiz’s hand before he announced that he would be retiring on the win after 20 years.

But fans felt Ortiz’s victory was a bit fishy.

Viewers felt it was staged so that the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion could retire on a high note.  Dozens turned to social media to comment.

One Twitter user wrote: “His career ends with the biggest scripted fake ‘fight’ s*** show EVER.

“WWE is more believable than Bellator.”

Another commented: “Main event was scripted! Sonnen could have stopped him twice. Fake which is why Bellator fails.”

And a third wrote: “Tito fight was rigged! So fake!”

Tito Ortiz, 41, fought 32 times during his MMA career winning 19 fights and entering the UFC Hall of Fame.

He retired after losing a bout with Forrest Griffin in 2012 but came back to take on Sonnen at Bellator 170.

What do you guys think of this fight?

Watch the short clip here..

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