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Infographic: A Beginner’s Guide to UFC

In 1993, an MMA organization known as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was established to minimal fanfare. The movement was very niche in its early years, but into the 21st century, it gradually evolved into the mainstream and it has now become a global phenomenon. Tireless promotion from the likes of Dana White, along with the securing of a lucrative broadcasting deal with Fox, took UFC to a whole new level of public consciousness.

Every time a UFC title bout has taken place in recent years, it has been a glitzy and glamorous pay-per-view event. With many of these taking place in western USA (Las Vegas is an especially popular venue), it is not uncommon for European viewers to tune in at 4am to see world-famous fighters such as Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz take to the octagon for intense, furious bouts. The UFC’s ever-increasing income has led to its biggest names becoming multi-millionaires – indeed, McGregor collected a sum in the region of $100 million simply for showing up to that much-publicized boxing match against Floyd Mayweather last August.

The growth of UFC is charted in this infographic  from My Fitness Boutique , which also delves into the variety of fighting styles used in UFC bouts and the achievements of its best-known fighters. Even if you only have a casual interest in MMA, we’re sure you’ll find the graphic quite interesting, so have a read below!