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Hot Female Celebrities Who Practice Martial Arts


1) Demi Lovato

Disney girl turned pop star Demi Lovato trains with Team Blackzilians with UFC stars like Rashad Evans. Lovato is an avid fan of the MMA sport, even incorporating it in her songs.

Check out Demi’s pro-like MMA training:

2) Jennifer Aniston

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We have been crushing on Jennifer Aniston ever since her ‘Friends’ days. Now, more than a decade later, she keeps her oh so toned body by practicing Budokon, which combines karate and yoga. She was introduced to it by one of her former co-stars from Friends, Courtney Cox.

3) Jessica Biel

Jessical Biel played the sporty and boyish eldest daughter in the TV series “7th Heaven.” In real life, she is also very much into sports. Right now she’s having tons of fun training martial arts.

“I’m really into martial arts now, it’s the most amazing workout ever! And since I’ve been working with a partner, I’ve learned some awesome self-defense moves and most importantly, how to redirect someone’s energy. It gives me a real sense of empowerment.”

4) Gisele Bundchen

Former Victoria Secret queen bee Gisele Bundchen trains kung fu and tai chi under Yao Li, of the Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute. What a way to keep that body in top shape!

5) Sarah Michelle Geller

The Buffy The Vampire Slayer star took her role very seriously so she became a 1st Dan black belt in taekwondo. She’s also trained kickboxing, boxing and street-fighting. Geller can kick ass!

6) Lucy Liu


Kill Bill star Lucy Liu, practices the martial art of Kali-Eskrima-Silat (knife-and-stick fighting.

7) Adrianna Lima


A self confessed boxing fan, this Victoria’s Secret veteran keeps her body runway ready by playing several sports. She takes mixed martial arts classes and Capoeira which is an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines martial arts, games, music, and dance.

8) Scarlett Johansson

“Civil War” actress Scarlett Johansson is proud that she does her series of action sequence in her films without a body double. “Black Widow” alternates her circuit and resistance training with martial arts. No wonder she looks so good!

9) Angelina Jolie


Jolie is into several forms of martial arts which prepared her for several action films like “Tomb Raider” and “Salt.”
According to reports, she is currently into Krav Maga is an Israeli system of self defence and is a highly-demanding form of unarmed combat burning hundreds of calories with each session.

10) Jessica Alba



Fresh faced Jessica Alba looks sweet, but she can probably kick your ass.  She practices Taekwondo for various movie roles and to stay in shape.


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