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Here’s Why Your Pre-Workout Might Be FAILING to Make You Stronger

If your formula doesn’t have these key ingredients, we think you might as well flush your money down the toilet.lg_testxtempest1200x700smirkr

(Boston) – We all know that building muscle is as much science as it is art, and part of that science is a proper supplementation regimen. But guys who think they can just take any workout supplement and gain show-stopping muscles are laughably mistaken. Too many formulas are filled with ingredients that do little or nothing to help you achieve results.

So, what ingredients DO work? It’s a hotly debated question in forums across the Internet, but the answer isn’t complicated if you look at the research – and lucky for you, we did. After scouring countless clinical journals and research papers, we believe that if your workout supplement doesn’t contain the ingredients below, you might be missing out.

Increase Your Free Testosterone for More Lean Muscle

We were shocked to discover that almost all pre-workout formulas are missing a free testosterone boost. We think that’s a BIG miss. For more lean muscle, increasing free testosterone is critical. Testosterone is a critical hormone in the development of muscle in men, so if you aren’t optimizing your testosterone levels, you are by definition not doing everything you can to maximize results.

There are a handful of ingredients that claim to boost free testosterone, but the only one we believe has any legitimacy is Testofen®. This ingredient is extracted from fenugreek seed, and it’s shown in a number of clinical research studies to increase free testosterone when paired with the strength training workouts you’re already going. Testofen is patented and somewhat rare, but if you look hard enough, you can find it.

Support Nitric Oxide for Legit Muscle Pumps

There are a few ingredients that weightlifters take to support their nitric oxide levels, but our new favorite is OXYSTORMTM. This trademarked ingredient is made from a red spinach extract, which is a natural source of nitrates. Your body needs nitric oxide (which nitrates generate) to achieve those insane muscle pumps you covet… and to increase blood flow, for more vascularity and better performance (both in and out of the gym).

Increased blood flood helps improve the delivery of Testofen, and that’s important. It’s not just about individual ingredients… it’s about how they work together to accomplish the same end goals: making you bigger, faster, and stronger. Do NOT skip out on OXYSTORM.

Build a Mind-Muscle Connection

To truly maximize a workout, we think focus and concentration are key. There are two ingredients we like that synergize well together to build that mind-muscle connection: elevATP® and rhodiola.

Together, these help support increases in strength, power, and velocity. Best of all, you’ll improve focus; you’re going to feel more “dialed in” while you blast through your workout.

Take this Advice and FINALLY See Real Gains

We looked hard, and the only formula we could find that has ALL of these components is Nitro MXS, a brand new supplement from Force Factor. Nitro MXS is a stimulant-free pre-workout that contains these effective ingredients balanced together in ratios that match the clinical studies. Simply put, real science from guys who know what they are doing went into this formula – which is more than we can say about many other supplements we’ve tested.

If you want to give Nitro MXS a try, you can get a complimentary bottle from their website here. It’s also available at GNC, but complimentary samples are only available online.

It’s a no-brainer to try these ingredients and see the difference a GOOD formula can make in your workouts. Or you can stick with buying crappy formulas that are missing great ingredients like these, but we think in that case you might as well just set your wallet on fire.

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