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George St Pierre: I Will Retire After My Next Fight on One Condition

We might only see GSP do his thing one more time in the Octagon. 

Arguably the greatest UFC Welterweight ever, many fans were shocked to hear GSP was making the jump to Middleweight for the first time in his career. The motivating factor in that move however was Michael Bisping. GSP has garnered respect for Bisping for having a strong anti-doping stance and always coming to fight each time in the Octagon.

St-Pierre was recently at a hockey game in MSG, and with the UFC returning in November, it gave him ideas.

“Right away I couldn’t stop thinking about Michael Bisping and I fighting in MSG. For me, that would be the best scenario. I don’t know how it sounds to you and how it sounds to the fans, but I think it would be a nice scenario.”

The UFC held a press-conference between the two UFC vets in March, with a view to hold the fight in the summer. GSP and Bisping since have been hampered by injuries – GSP’s eye and Bisping’s knee. Both are willing to wait it out to fight each other.

GSP’s return to the Octagon was fueled by a number of factors – still being in great shape, finding the right opponent and still being a huge draw. One thing’s for sure, is that GSP may call it a day if he can’t get what he wants the most, a win. 

“I always said if I come back, it needed to be a fight that excites me, a fight that can elevate me, so we’ll see. Things change in MMA fast, but on other hand, I’m 36. I just turned 36, so I need to make a move soon. When my eye gets fine, I need to make a move and I need to make a move soon. But one thing I can tell you for sure, that I’m one fight from retiring for good. This, I can tell you for sure. If I come back and I lose, this is it for me.”

So there you have it. GSP is a competitor at heart.

Who do you want him to fight in his return to the Octagon? Bisping? Woodley? Conor McGregor? Let us know in the comments below!

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