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Conor McGregor Workout

Conor McGregor workout routine

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For rising UFC star Conor McGregor, mixed martial arts training starts and ends with control. McGregor’s movements revolve around control of his body, mind, and breath.

“If it doesn’t involve balance I don’t think it’s beneficial,” says McGregor. “I do yoga every day. I’m perfecting my handstand, I like the tree pose with a side leg extension and the plank/side plank.”

Conor McGregor workout

Just don’t expect McGregor to get to yoga class on time. The Irish-born featherweight doesn’t keep a schedule in a traditional sense. He simply wakes up and starts moving.

“I’m self-taught, and nothing is set by a clock,” says McGregor. “Yesterday, I did pool work, then went to the gym and did jiu-jitsu rounds, pad work, jump rope, core work, and dead hanging from objects.”

McGregor does free-weight exercises such as single-leg barbell deadlifts to build strength and balance simultaneously.

His most valuable skill, though, is intangible. “My belief is my best asset, and I have a stronger mindset than my opponent,” he says.

Conor McGregor workout routine

When M&F last spoke with McGregor, it was a few weeks prior to the announcement that champion Jose Aldo would drop out of the title fight due to a rib injury.

His statement in regards to Aldo at the time foreshadowed a change in opponents. “I’ll enter the contest formless and fearless,” McGregor says.

“He’s just a blank face and a new body.” McGregor views his history-making opportunity as bigger than himself. He’s in this game to make his Irish supporters proud. “My coach and team have been with me since Day 1, and I look forward to raising the gold for them.”


Check out McGregor’s exclusive training camp workout and start training like a fighter now.

Dynamic Stretching
Duration: 10-15 min.

For the workout: Perform exercises 1A-1C as a circuit, then do the heavy bag and grappling.



MUSCLE-UPS: 1 set of 10 reps –> rest


HANDSTAND PUSHUP: 1 set of 10 reps –> rest


BARBELL PUSH PRESS: 1 set of 10 reps –> rest

You’ll need: Barbell 

Barbell Push Press thumbnail


HEAVY BAG: 1set at 20-30 min. reps –> rest


GRAPPLING: set at 20-30 min.reps — rest


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