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Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson Retires from MMA

It may not have been Rumble’s night, but he sure went out on a high.

After getting subbed by DC in the second round of their Light heavyweight title fight, Joe Rogan brought Rumble in for the regular post fight interview. But it didn’t appear like a regular one, as off the bat Rumble asked ‘where are my coaches?’.

After several requests from Rumble requesting his coaches, Joe Rogan asked for his thoughts on the fight. Rumble answered with an emotional air in his voice his retirement from MMA. Joe Rogan then asked for a reason for the retirement.

Anthony explained he had told his family, friends and coaches prior to this fight that this would be his last one. He said he had committed to another job outside of MMA. He said he didn’t want to roll around and get punched in the face anymore. He thanked Dana, the Fertittas, Mike Goldberg among others.

He then thanked Cormier for the fight and gave praise to Jon Jones at octagonside.

It seemed to come out of the blue for Rumble, but we can respect the decision. A warrior inside the Octagon, he will fondly be remembered for his highlight reel knockouts and impressive performances across the board.

Check out his full post fight interview here.

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