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The Real Reason Mayweather Is Officially Out Of Retirement Will Surprise You!

During his podcast on “The Countdown,” UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping made a huge claim regarding Mayweather’s return to the boxing ring.

Bisping told listeners that he has heard from a trusted source that despite his $650 million net worth, Mayweather may not be in the secure financial position he has claimed to be.

“I was talking to someone in Las Vegas and I heard that Floyd recently got scammed out of a lot of money.  The number was very, very big. I don’t think Floyd needs the money, but he wants to replace this money that he got swindled out of.”

Talks of the fight between Conor McGregor and Mayweather have been swirling for months, but it has reached fever pitch in just the last few days.

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Soon after Mayweather announced he was “officially unretired,” it was reported that a tentative hold had been placed on Las Vegas’s T-Mobile Arena for a June 10 date to host the Mayweather-McGregor superfight.

Despite doubting the fight would occur when it was first rumoured, Bisping has now changed his tune.

“My bet is that the fight will happen. Will it happen in June? I don’t know, that might be a bit too soon,” Bisping said.

“Both guys stand to make a s***-tonne of money out of it. I’m all for it to be honest. I’m looking forward to seeing it and I’m all for everybody making money, so good for them.

“You have to agree on a purse and then UFC have to agree on a split. The UFC are business people as well and WME (new UFC owners), if the pot is big enough, then they’re not going to say no.”

Bisping also said that McGregor not only stands to make a ridiculous amount of money by taking the Mayweather fight, but that he has a legitimate chance of beating the undefeated boxer.

“McGregor has nothing to lose and has the skills to shock the world, particularly given Mayweather’s recent inactivity.”

“Floyd’s coming out of retirement and hasn’t fought in a little bit.  Conor has that big left hand, he’s got power,” Bisping said.

“The fight is boxing so you never know. You can never say never. That’s a chance for Conor to become the greatest fighter of all time.

“Love him or hate him he’s done a tremendous job in the UFC and if he was to take out perhaps one of the greatest boxers who ever lived, that would be something, that would be incredible and you can’t deny it.”

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Bisping says Mayweather is the one taking the risk, since a defeat against McGregor in his discipline could prove the death of boxing.

This isn’t the first time an MMA fighter has gone up against a boxer.  Most recently, former heavyweight champion James Toney was beaten by UFC legend Randy Couture.

No one from the MMA world has gone into boxing and defeated a legitimate legend of the sport though.  And McGregor could show once and for all who is superior.

“There’s an opportunity for him (McGregor) to do that,” Bisping said.

“It will send a message that there are better fighters in Mixed Martial Arts than there is in boxing.

“Boxing vs. MMA — all the boxing purists will be sniggering to themselves saying this is ridiculous. It’s an interesting dynamic; it does put an interesting spin on it.”

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