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Nate Diaz: ‘F*ck Conor… I don’t want a trilogy, he can fight himself’

Nate Diaz has broken his silence once and for all. 

Months removed from an epic rematch at UFC 212, everyone has been wondering.. where the hell is Nate Diaz? Well, today he broke his silence on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour show and dropped some BOMBS.

First up, he gave his take on Conor McGregor.

Conor is a f**king b**th. He f**king got his as whooped and he got choked. And now, he’s justifying it because the decision went to him because the company wanted it to go to him. If I get my f**king ass whooped by somebody, I just don’t win a slight decision and accept it as a win, you know what I’m saying.”

Then, he gave his opinion on a trilogy fight.

“So the real champ is right here. And they (Ferguson and McGregor) can fight each other and they can light a fire underneath my f**king ass and then I’ll fight the winner. I don’t want a third fight. F**k Conor, he can fight himself.”

Earlier this year, the UFC offered him a fight with Eddie Alvarez at UFC 209. Hailing from Stockton, California (209 area code) this could have been the perfect opportunity to have Diaz on the card. But he was less than impressed with his proposed opponent.

“I just laughed at them and said get the fuck outta here, call me with some real shit. They put out that I was turning down fights, and the next day I got a message, an email, saying that my contract has been extended six months. You guys just offered me a fight you knew I wouldn’t take so you could extend my contract cuz it’s almost up.”

What does the future hold for Nate Diaz? He seems pretty happy the way things are.

“I’m content right now. There’s a lot of business going on right now, and it’s non-stop and overwhelming. So I don’t need to fight, so if I’m going to fight, I need to be compensated, the numbers are right, or because someone makes me want to fight.”

There’s no doubt that underneath all the free agency talk, Diaz is waiting for that huge trilogy with Conor. Would you like to see that a third time? It is 1-1 after all!

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