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Video: MMA Fighter knocked out just 4 seconds into fight

By Julio Angel Cruz / May 11, 2017

One of the shortest MMA Knockouts in history. After months of training, fighter is knocked out in just four seconds.  Now that’s a bummer. Dylan Goforth and Jordan Fowler went to battle a few days ago at a Pyramid Fights event in Searcy, Arkansas. Now this had to be Goforth’s shortest match in his career, and […]


Video: MMA Fighter Destroys Tai Chi Master, Causes Outrage in China

By Julio Angel Cruz / May 10, 2017

MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong had been taunting masters of the traditional Chinese martial arts for many weeks.  He called them overly commercialized frauds, and had been challenging them to put up or shut up. After one of them — Wei Lei, a practitioner of the “thunder style” of tai chi — accepted the challenge, Mr. […]


McGregor Family Welcomes 3rd Member! Meet Conor Jr.!

By Julio Angel Cruz / May 6, 2017

UFC star Conor McGregor and his GF Dee Devlin had their baby Friday night… and he’s carrying on the most famous name in Ireland! Baby Conor Jack McGregor (aka Conor Jr.) was born at 8 PM at Coombe Maternity Hospital in Ireland, according to the Irish Mirror. “He came in at 8 pounds 14 ounces,” […]


Video: Ronda Rousey’s Fight Scenes from NBC’s Blindspot

By Julio Angel Cruz / May 4, 2017

Ronda Rousey showed off her fighting moves last night in NBC’s Blindspot.  Rousey was a guest star for Season 2 episode 20 of the series. Watch the video below to see her throw some inmates around and show off some of her signature judo moves. ..and her fight with Jaime Alexander. BREAKING – Ronda Rousey […]

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